Easy as Falling Off a Horse:

A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Safety


Easy as Falling Off a Horse: A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Safety teaches the new rider the basics of staying safe around horses. Perfect to read before starting riding lessons or if you’re planning a vacation ride.


Horsewoman Carol Wolf used her award-winning journalistic skills to create this comprehensive guide. The book uses natural horsemanship techniques so that students can best relate to their equine partners.


Parents of horse-crazed children will find themselves flipping through the pages of this easy- to- read guide as they keep a watchful eye on their beginning rider.



~Learn horse communication and body language
~Herd behavior
~How to control a horse the natural way
~Safety equipment
~How to fall from a horse


Horse-related activities are considered more dangerous than playing football, auto racing or skiing because of the injury rate.  Whether you are a beginning student, the parent of a horse-crazed child or a casual vacation rider, this book provides the basics needed to stay safe around our equine partners.  It’s a must read before you, or someone you love, climbs into the saddle. 



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  • New Horseback Riding Students

  • Parents
  • Vacationers
  • Occasional riders



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