Let’s Change Higher Education Forever


A Debt-Free Solution for a System Gone Wrong


By Michael Mathews, Chairman and CEO of Aspen University 

With Carol Wolf




Available on Amazon.com

Available on Amazon.com

Everyone talks about the $1.2 trillion U.S. student loan bubble, but few have focused on the people most negatively affected by the crisis. Why? Because sometimes the truth is so painful, and the solutions are so difficult to come by, that everyone just instinctively looks the other way.


Those faces of debt belong to America’s lower and lower-middle classes, which together carry 47 percent of the higher education debt in the U.S. That’s $500 billion in student loan debt weighing on the shoulders of America’s poorest citizens. Worse yet, about 79 percent of students from the lowest income households will never graduate, but they’ll still have to pay back those loans. The combination of high debt and no degree sends these ‘worse case scenario’ individuals to economic jail for decades, perhaps forever.


“Let’s Change Higher Education Forever: A Debt-Free Solution for a System Gone Wrong” by Aspen University’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Mathews, tells the story of the individuals living this ‘worse case scenario’– student debt, but no degree. Mathews explains how for-profit college recruiting tactics and tuition costs contributed to this scenario and he offers a plan for a debtless education that meets the needs of the modern student. 

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