Press Release and Pitching Services


Reporters are looking for new ideas and approaches to subjects. They see dozens of press releases on a daily basis that are woefully inadequate at piquing their interest. I know. Those poorly written and uninteresting press releases crossed my screen and loaded up my fax for 20 years.


I know what reporters are looking for and how to get their attention. Let me identify the compelling elements of your topic and find the editors and reporters who are looking for what you have to offer.


To do that we’ll:

*Identify your target audience

*Craft a pitch with facts and figures to entice reporter involvement

*Contact specific reporters with a beat related to your subject

*Write several press releases to adapt to the changing news cycle and audience


Below are three press releases I wrote to promote the book Mama’s Boy Presidents: Why Do We Keep Electing Them, by Stanford Erickson. The audience for the book was conservative news organizations and radio shows. I used similar information on all of the press releases but changed their focus to complement news events.

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