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So many ideas — so little time. If that’s you, let me help. I’m a writer and I’m good. Fast too.


I can take your thoughts and put them on the page in a way that reflects your own personal style. And no, I’m not some writer wannabe who took a couple of classes and their mom thinks they turn a nice phrase. I’ve written and published literally thousands of works. Yes, thousands. News and feature articles, books, white papers, bios, marketing copy, blogs, executive summaries — you name it, I’ve done it.


How did I pull that off? I worked for Bloomberg News for 18 years. To work at Bloomberg that long, you have to be good. They don’t suffer fools gladly. After leaving Bloomberg, I rounded out my writing portfolio as word of mouth brought my former reporting sources to me as customers.


So now that you know you are at the right place, how do we do this? Let’s start by talking about your goals, thoughts and ideas. What is it you want to accomplish? Who is your target audience? When’s your deadline? Do you have any written notes or is everything still in your head? Would you prefer to talk in person? Over the phone? Or just ship me an audio tape with ideas. Let’s get started. Contact me about your writing needs at  


Writing is more than words.


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